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S.S.F CONSULTANTS is a fee base, price comparison and pay for paper referral service based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. S.S.F Consultants directs consumers to a wide variety of Financial, Insurance, legal and other professionals, in their efforts in getting lower, better terms on their financial, Insurance, legal and other needs. We assist and refer clients to insurance, real-estate, business & personal loans, accounting, legal and other related professionals or Services.

We’ve been in business since 1986, initially as a phone-in based service known as Brown Associates in Montreal Quebec, to now S.S.F Consultants, we have been helping clients resolve issues, save time and money for over 25 years.

 How does S.S.F consultants work?

 Its simple process, consumers phone in and receive a simple 5 to 10 minute free consultation with one of our able consultants, where a  phone or online form is completed, they are asked and answer the same basic questions asked by most professionals. The process and all personal information submitted is secure and protected. S.S.F Consultants then runs the collected information against its database of professionals, base on the specific needs of the client to determine the best fit.

Once the needs of the client and the right professional are matched, we pay for research paper then offer the solution to the client. If the client agrees, he or she is then connected to the network professionals.  The consumer is connected with the right professional, their information is confirmed and professional advice is rendered based on their specific needs. From that point, it is entirely up to the consumer as to whether they wish to proceed, there is no obligation.

 What makes S.S.F CONSULTANTS.CA different?

 What makes S.S.F Consultants different? Its simple, we are consultants and Life coaches, a professional unbiased referral service. We do not sell insurance, we are not lawyers or accountants, and are not Personal or Business bankers. We are experienced, passionate professionals, driven to help you achieve your goals; Call us we can help, call us (416) 514-0803 or email us at info@ssfconsultants.ca or complete one of our form that fits your needs..

 Whatever the need, We can help, Call our office and speak to a consultant (416) 514-0803 or info@ssfconsultants.ca

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